KES Computer Engineers has a factory that manufactures GEM PCs. GEM is an indigenous brand of PC which combines functionality (quality) and affordability (ease of payment) with friendliness (training) to give complete satisfaction to customers.

GEM comes bundled with solutions.

  • Electronic training manual for new users.
  • Edutainment (Education and Entertainment) packages for children.
  • Life-time warranty support, upgrade and trade-in options.
  • Affordability and ease of payment.

Vision for GEM
Our vision for GEM is to enable every family, small and medium businesses in Nigeria acquire computer systems and computing knowledge within the next ten years.

GEM Value Proposition

  • Affordability and ease of payment.
  • Reliability, world class support, integrity.
  • Our computers are educational, entertainment and work tools.
  • Internet Connectivity and Access
  • Life-time support and maintenance at minimal cost.
  • Products availability.
  • Industry specific solutions packages - tailored towards specific needs of users.
  • Flexibility - specification and configuration by customers.
  • Development of permanent relationship.
  • Close alliances with component manufacturers.